In the modern world it seems that people have no time to read and a desire to be informed or entertained via pictures. If we require our site to appeal to younger generations, we must bow to this trend and move forward. Every effort has thus been made to reduce the amount of text (although the author still believes there is still too much) and increase pictorial content – sometimes a little difficult when it comes to pre-photographic eras!

The downside of all this is that large tranches of material donated by interested Lindsays or their relatives have been either edited down or removed altogether. They are not lost as the content of the old website has been preserved electronically, just not part of the new site in pristine form.

The purpose of this page is to acknowledge these kind and valuable contributions and to register, where we have been able, our use of materials generated or created by others.

Inevitably there will be omissions for which we apologise. Please let Joe Lindsey know if you have issues

The use of the Lindsay badge and the Earl of Crawford’s armorial bearings throughout the pages of this web site, represents an acknowledgement of Robert Alexander Lindsay, the 29th Earl of Crawford, as the worldwide Chief of The Clan Lindsay.

A number of photographs and illustrationns have been copied from Google or sites accessed from the program. Every effort has been made to ensure only pictures in the Public Domain were selected. However there is no guarantee that copyright has not been infringed where materials are not attributed at source. Should you have a case in point please contact Joe Lindsey/  

Wikipaedia has been used as a source of textual information as have other texts appropriate to whatever subject happens to be in hand. All this data is in the Public Domain. We accept that there can be many interpretations of historical findings and ‘accuracy’ is sometimes questionable. If you have a case please get in touch.

In order to help anyone interested in seeing the subjects under scrutiny, we have indicated the sections/pages to which references refer. just click on the appropriate heading to gain access. This will not however give you entry to any materials that have been omitted.

Coats of arms are very specific to a single individual. Most of the offerings shown are not full coats and are specific only to a family or the branch to which it belongs. These and much of their associated memorabilia are available from too many websites to list here. By far the best gathering of Lindsay coats of arms may be found at the following address:

Those wishing to pursue personal requirements are urged to do so online or via The Heraldry Society of Scotland, 25 Craigentinny Crescent, Edinburgh, EH7 6QA Scotland, UK

Many crests are employed on the coat of arms of the various Lindsay lineages. The source document for this information on Lindsay crests, with referenced Plate numbers, which was first published in 1859, is Fairbairn’s Book of Crests of The Families of Great Britain and Ireland, Reprint of the Fourth Edition (London 1905) Revised and Enlarged, Two Volumes in One.

The composite ‘tree’ of Lindsay shields entitled ‘Armorial Bearings of the various branches of the House of Lindsaycomes from the frontice piece of Heraldry in Scotland Volume II by John Home Stevenson (1855-1939)  Text matter on the artwork has been added by us as it was shown separately in the original publication and in poor quality.

We have been unable to identify the ultimate source document for the Cadency illustrations. A reference is made to them in the following document :  HeraldryP+4 by Marina Bonomi but it is clearly not the original.