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There are as many Lindsay coats of arms as there are branches of the Lindsay Family, Illustrated are a few but many more can be discovered by searching the internet. The arms above belong to the Earls of Crawford, titular Head of the Lindsay Clan. Coats of arms are very specific to a single person/family and may not be used by anyone else.


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1 Original Arms c1200                                     

2 Substitution of fess chequet c1297

3 Ultimate Arms. Earl of Crawford c1398 

4 Earldom of Montrose c1488


5 Cavill                                  

6 Rossie 

7 Byres 

8 Covington  

9 Wauchopdale

10  Dunrod 

11 Bookhill 

12  Broadland 

13 Pitscandlie

14 Barnyards 

15 Edzell 

16 Balcarres

17 Dowhill 

18 Pyctstone &


19 Kirkforthar 

20 Mount 

21 Blacksholme 

22 Linbank 

23 Crossbasket 

24 Spynie 

25 Evelick 

26 Cairn 

27 Culsh 

28 Garnock 

29 Eaglescairnie 



Lindsay Modern.

Lindsay Weathered

Lindsay Ancient

Lindsay Dress Tartans

Lindsay Hunting Tartans

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