All Lindsays of whatever spelling, male and female, are noteworthy in their own way. They furthermore deserve all the honor, love and affection that has been bestowed upon them by those whose lives they have enriched.

These pages will be limited to those who have made significant achievements in what they may have publicly or privately accomplished in their lifetimes.

The Lindsay personalities listed here will be grouped into the three categories, Historical, Contemporary and Current. Use the navigation system to visit these pages. To see who is there scroll down this page

If you know of a specific Lindsay (however spelled) personality that you feel qualifies to be listed here, please e-mail us all the particulars and he/she will receive full consideration. For simplicity, we will use Lindsay throughout this web site,. All the accepted spellings of the surname to be implied.

Historic Personalities

Alexander Lindsay, 6th Earl of Balcarres
Alexander Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford
Thomas Lindsay of Kings Wark
Lady Anne Lindsay
David Lindsay – 1st Earl of Crawford
David Lindsay – Duke of Montrose
David Lindsay – 3rd of the Mount
David Lindsay – Revolutionary War Soldier
Robert James Lindsay – VC Recipient
James Bowman Lindsay
Robert Burns Lindsay
Robert Lindsay of Pitscottie
Walter de Lindsay
Theophilus Lindsey
James Ludovic Lindsay-Astronomer
James Lindsay of Augsburg
Ronald Gerald Lindsay
Admiral Sir John Lindsay
Sir William Lindsay

Contemporary Personalities

William Alexander Lindsay
Alexander Dunlop Lindsay
Anne Catherine Sybil Lindsay
David Lindsay
Eric Mervyn Lindsay
Howard Lindsay
John Vliet Lindsay
Margaret Isabella Lindsay
William Steen Lindsay, Jr.
Norman A. W. Lindsay
Ronald Charles Lindsay
Nicholas Vachel Lindsay
Benjamin Barr Lindsey
John William Linzee, Jr.
Ronald Gerald Lindsay

Current Personalities

Hamish Peter Lindsay
Ronald Gerald Lindsay