"Lindsays of Northern Ireland & Kingswark, Leith, Scotland"

Participants L0001, L0281 and L0286 descend from the Lindesays of Loughry, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and back through Loughry to Thomas Lindsay of Kingswark (d.1607 in Leith, Scotland). This is the deepest pedigree for Group 1 and the only one that reaches back into the area of Edinburgh. (For more information, see number 18 in the Genealogy Books section of this website.)

L0133 and his son L0308 descend from James Lindsay who was born in 1775 in Brechin and died in 1828 in Dundee. History of the Lindsay Family was privately published and authored by their ancestor E. J. Lindsay. (See number 14 in the Genealogy Books section of this website.) An excellent collection of photographs of this enterprising family can be found at the Lindsay Genealogy facebook page. L0152 descends from Robert Lindsay who was born 1821 in Kirriemuir and died 1904 in Arbroath. These are the only participants in Group 1 who trace their ancestry to the county of Angus in Scotland, and their MRCA is as yet unknown.

The MRCA of L0091, L0098, L0229, L0258 and L0287 is probably Anthony Lindsay of Stepney, London, England who was born in 1705 and died in 1777 in Maryland. It is believed that Anthony’s father was Samuel Lindsay who was born in 1674 in London. From these ancestors came the Lindsays of Lindsay Station, Kentucky. L0299 is genetically a close relation to these. His lineage traces to Peter Lindsay who was born in 1812 in Urr, Kirkudbright, Scotland, which is in the western lowlands, in Dumfries and Galloway.

L0024, has EKP James Lindsay was born 1795 in Renfrewshire, Scotland, and died 1882, South Island, NZ. (For more information, see number 17 in the Genealogy Books section of this website.)

L0040 descends from John Lindsay b 1810, Galston, Ayrshire who emigrated to America in 1849 and died in Merimac Wisconsin in 1891. L0093 descends from Robert Lindsay, born 1864 in Greenock, Scotland. Both of these also are of the western lowlands.

Turning from Scotland to Northern Ireland:

L0075 descends from Samuel Lindsay who was born 1784 in Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland, and who died 1868 in Steubenville, Ohio.

L0004, L0181, L0230, L0112, L0157, L0104, L0056, L0143 and L0158 descend from another Ulsterman, Samuel Lindsay who was born 1724 and died 1810 in Bangor, County Down. They are referred to as the Lindsays of Dundonald for the name of the parish in which the family resided. L0006, who traces to John B. Lindsay, born 1820 in Harrison County, Ohio, is a close genetic cousin of these. Though not quite as close, L0087 and L0215 find their closest genetic proximity to the Dundonalds. They trace to John Lindsay of Taylorstown, Ballyscullion, County Antrim who was born in 1800.

L0192 and L0202 descend from Francis Lindsay, born 1794 in Ballyscullion, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. L0192 was a Y-43 identical match to L0025, implying a close blood connection to certain 18th Century Pennsylvania Lindseys (see below).

L0026, L0085, L0217, L0260 and L0271 descend from Robert Lindsay who was born in Pennsylvania in 1735 and died 1801 in Guilford County, NC. Robert was almost certainly the son of John Lindsay who also settled in Guilford Co. That they came from Pennsylvania is based on a single will that is recorded in both states. Closely akin genetically to the the Guilford Lindsays are L0243, descended from William Lindsey of Antigua (1699-1843) and L0280, who descends from Rev. Charles Edward Chaloner Lindsey, born 1870 in County Louth, Ireland. The genetic proximity of the latter two is based on STR matches and has not yet been confirmed through SNP testing.

The Guilford Lindsays as described above are genetically close kin with two other genetic families. One includes L0236, L0246 and L0297 who seemingly all descend from Eliphalet Lindsey who was born 1750 in Attica, Wyoming County, NY, where also died the ancestor of L0121 in 1836, Archibald Lindsey, who was born in 1744 in Massachussetts. Also tracing through New York are L0166 whose ancestor Archibal (sic) was born 1720 in Stafford, Tolland Co., CT, dying in Sandy Creek, Oswego County NY in 1845, and L0119, whose earliest ancestor is Gideon Lindsey, born 1750, and who died 1810 in Washington County, NY. Descendents of both L0166 and L0119 subsequently migrated into lower central Michigan in the 19th century. (Close contemporary relatives of L0119 are L0128, L0134 and L0135.)

Also with close genetic ties to the New York families are L0007, L0180 and L0302. None of their lines traversed New York. The MRCA of L0007 and L0180 is Robert Lindsay, born 1765 in “the old country” (inferred, those words being from his will), who died 1821 in Campbell County, Virginia. L0302‘s ancestor was born 1858 in the townland of Ballynacross which is located in Knockcloghrim, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. He died in 1927.

Other participants that are close to the New York families include L0024, whose EKP is James Lindsay who was born 1795 in Renfrewshire, Scotland and died 1882 in Southisland, NZ; L0198, whose EKP is Henry Lindsey, born around 1775, probably in Ireland, raised his family in Clarksburg, Harrison County, (W-)Virginia, and died around 1845, probably in Ohio; L0261 whose EKP is Joseph Lindsay, born 1841 in County Monaghan, Ireland, and who immigrated into Southern Ontario in 1848 with his parents, James Lindsay and Elizabeth Calvert.

Three other participants trace back to Ireland: L0097, L0110, and his known cousin L0213. L0097 descends from George William Lindsay who was born 1840 in Ireland and died 1913 in St. Joseph, Missouri. L0110 and L0213 descend from an earlier immigrant, David Lindsay who was born 1739/40 in Tulliwiggan, County Tyrone, and came through New Jersey to Fayette County, Pennsylvania, ending up in Harrison County, Kentucky where he died in 1814.

The other group of participants that are close to the Guilfords (besides the New York family and their various close kin enumerated above) are the lines that trace to Pennsylvania. L0269‘s EKP William Lindsay was born circa 1711 in PA and died 1776 in Chester County, PA. L0276 is genetically close although no genealogical information has been provided. L0279 has EKP Samuel Lindsey, born circa 1727 in Scotland (nothing more specific) and died 1791 in Cumberland County, PA. He was the youngest child when his family arrived in 1740. L0025, a Y-43 twin with L0192 of Northern Ireland, was shown by the recent Y-111 results of his cousin L0311 to be more closely connected with this Pennsylvania line at a genetic distance of 4. These two descend from Eli Lindsey who was born 1755 in either Virginia or North Carolina and died 1816 in Orange County, NC. There is evidence that this family came from Pennsylvania, with which the connection with L0279 is consistent. Late 19th century migration out of Eli’s family into Tennessee and down into Alabama, along with collocation of graves and genetic proximity, suggest a connection to Pennsylvania for L0014 and L0055, who trace from Alabama Lindseys with a brick wall in late 18th century Tennessee.